A Touch of Dance - Center for the Performing Arts
Please contact us anytime for registration information and class schedules. 

Monthly Tuition
Payment for classes is due the first lesson of each month. Tuition is based on a 10-month school year and is the same amount each month, regardless of how many weeks are in a given month. All fees are non-refundable. A 25% late fee will be charged for any payments made after the 15th of each month. A $30.00 fee will be charged for any returned checks.
A Touch of Dance also reserves the right to restrict children from participating in class due to non-payment. 

Individual Class Monthly Rates:
1 class per week $56.00   
1.5 classes per week $79.00 
2 classes per week  $105.00 
2.5 classes per week $122.00
3 classes per week  $135.00 
3.5 classes per week $143.00
4 classes per week  $155.00
4.5 classes per week $166.00
5 + classes per week  $175.00 

- Multiple family member discounts are available.
- Tell a friend about us and recieve one free class for one month when they register ($52.00 value)